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dph is member of the Coredem

dialogues, proposals, stories for global citizenship

How to participate?

It is not possible to build a new form of citizenship without shared methodologies that allow us to convert the diversity of experience into universally useful knowledge that can in turn be transformed into concrete action.

dph sheets

A dph sheet forms part of the international data base. It can be put to good use as an element that forms part of a file : the illustration of field-work, a case study, the description of a struggle, the appraisal of a situation, texts that formulate demands or proposals.

A dph sheet is a short text in a specific format (title, sub-title, text, comments, source) that is indexed according to key words. The sheet should not exceed 12 000 characters.

A dph sheet is an original, independent text that contains information of a committed nature.

The writer’s subjectivity is expressed by the choice of information, the analysis and the clarifications provided by the commentary. dph takes full ownership and assumes responsibility for this subjectivity, and considers that it is an indispensable part of communication: information is presented from a biased point of view and this commitment requires rigorous intellectual honesty.

Why write a sheet?

The writing of dph sheets implies developing memory that helps to make sense of things; it implies an exchange of knowledge, sharing and passing on useful information, innovative approaches, input from reading or work experience, training sessions, events, activities within organisations ; it means transmitting the results, both positive and negative of our individual or group actions.

Who is the target reader?

When writing a dph sheet, we write for a readership of people situated all around the world, and who are facing the same problems, are interested in the same subjects, but are living in different geographic socio-economic and linguistic contexts. Thus a series of sheets on micro-local questions, an inventory of innovative practice in small and medium-sized companies of the region might prove to be of limited interest outside the context of the region. Authors are requested to be more general, more analytical, yet avoid reducing the analysis to generalities

What is a dph file?

Development of ideas, organisation of a dialectical relationship between research and action aimed at and committed to societal change is what constitutes the heart of the dph project. This implies shedding analytical light on one’s experience, presenting case studies from a historical across-the-board and cross-cultural perspective, in order to be able to propose alternatives to the world of today. Developing files on any given question, with the across-the board analysis that this implies, should allow the similarities between geographically diverse situations to become evident, and should contribute to developing proposals at international level as well as the possibility of applying them at local level. This is why one of the priorities of dph is to encourage and support the creation of files

How to write or participate in a dph file?

You can participate in developing an existing file by writing one or several sheets or by offering to take responsibility for a file. You can also suggest a new theme for a file. In either case, the FPH (the Charles Leopold Meyer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind) is in a position to provide financial support.

How to send us your sheet(s)?

You have written one or more sheets, and followed the rules laid out in How to write a sheet? and you wish to share it (them) on our site, in accordance with the Editorial Charter. Please send us your texts in text form (avoid sending pdf documents) to:


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