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Alliance 21 : Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world


The Alliance’s purpose is to invent, to share, and to practice new forms of collective action, from the local to the global scales, so that together we can exercise more control, together and with Nature, over the future of an increasingly complex and interdependent world.
The challenge of the Alliance is to favor unity within diversity by proclaiming our societies’ capacity to understand and assess the complexity of situations, the interdependence of the issues, and the legitimacy of all the different geocultural, thematic, social, and professional viewpoints, and to encourage them all to act accordingly.

The Alliance is an informal network made of people, institutions and movements that are aware of the complexity of contemporary problems and seek to find the necessary mutations so that we can together act upon the future. This network has generated a social dynamics and is inventing new forms of collective action.

The Platform is a text drafted in 1993 by people from different cultures and spheres following after a number of meetings, by continent, by socioprofessional sphere, or by theme.
This text proposes:
 a diagnosis on the nature and causes of the main crisis points of our world;
 values and principles for action aiming for a more responsible and united world.
 priorities and strategies.

This document today is a reference that has been signed by several thousand people, either as individuals or as representatives of a group, in more that 115 countries. It is the circulation of this text that launched the dynamics of the Alliance.


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